Welcome to the Rosebud and Districts Men's Shed INC

The Shed, situated at 11A Allambi Avenue in Capel Sound (located at the rear of the Seawinds Community Hub), serves as a welcoming space for members of the community. We offer a variety of equipment and facilities tailored to accommodate a wide range of interests and activities. Our facilities cater to members interested in physical activities, which vary based on current interests and collective skills. 

Additionally, we provide opportunities for less physical pursuits, including but not limited to club meetings, training sessions, technology exploration, computing, reading, hobbies, and general socializing. Our goal is to offer activities that are mentally stimulating and/or relaxing to suit the diverse preferences of our members. The Shed operates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (excluding public holidays) from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Please note that the closing time is subject to the discretion of the coordinator and may vary depending on ongoing activities and the number of attendees.